Trustee Services

Asset Liquidation

The advisors here at Acquisition International, are well equipped to handle a wide range of asset liquidations, irrespective of the inventory category, and they include: capital goods, raw materials, interim work products, receivables, and intellectual property.

Utilizing our international network of associates, we are able to cultivate a market for assets, in order to derive maximum value, by connecting the right buyer with a motivated seller.

Once we have devised a bespoke strategy, we then prepare an accurate inventory with supporting documentation such as descriptions and photos (where applicable) for distribution within our network of M&A professionals. Using this as a foundation, International Acquisition can then develop an accurate valuation which serves as a guideline for the sale of the asset. After these steps have been completed, we then ascertain the most appropriate market for sale, and administer the process, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the transaction.

Inventory Solution & Fixed Asset Valuation

In order to realize the maximum value of the clients' assets, it is imperative to have an accurate account of the quantity and valuation of their intrinsic worth.

Acquisition International can assist our clients in attaining these goals due to the resources we have at our disposal, which enable us to carry out services including physical inventory counts, audits and fixed asset assessments.

Our highly experienced M&A advisors are well versed in all aspects of asset valuations and are available for expert testimony where needed.

Computer Forensics

As financial organizations increasingly rely on electronic methods of communication, manipulation and information storage; it is crucial that investigation and diligence operations are conducted by examining this data in its electronic form.

The computer forensics experts here at Acquisition International are highly skilled in all facets of retrieval and analysis, whilst complying with all applicable guidelines for court admissibility.

We are committed to providing cost-effective, bespoke solutions designed to locate assets, identify document origin and authority, restore lost or incomplete information, or identify trails of communication.

Document Management

The document management department, here at Acquisition International, provides our clients with document scanning and web management solutions in addition to providing access to previously digitized documents. Our document management platform permits seamless integration to your database application for user friendly access to your data as well as compliance with all applicable guidelines for document retention.

Claims Management

From the initial filed schedules to the final distribution Acquisition Internationals' M&A advisors work in conjunction with your organization in order to reduce the administrative requirements, by managing the organizational and reporting requirements of the insolvency process. This includes the following:

  • Perform Pre-filing activities, master mailing list, data compilation
  • Prepare Schedules and Statements
  • Coordinate and present contracts for analysis
  • Analyze and compute claims
  • Coordinate customized Proof of Claim forms
  • Estimate claims for solicitation processing
  • Reconcile claims
  • Manage claims distribution

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