The media, entertainment and tech industries are at the forefront of change, due to the ever increasing competitiveness and technological developments the sector experiences.

Businesses operating in the above mentioned sectors must constantly evolve and re-invent themselves in order to remain competitive, and it is this continuous development which blurs the lines between multimedia outlets, TV studios, telecommunications carriers, networks, and other entertainment devices.

Acquisition International have an established track record of assisting companies within the media, entertainment & tech industries achieve tangible results amid market uncertainty. We have built ourselves a solid reputation over the last decade, which is underpinned by our transparency and confidence when dealing with the most pressing issues faced by our clients. We ask the right questions, correlate all the relevant information and delve deeper into aspects of the situation, many of our competitors would overlook. We then develop an innovative strategy for our clients to utilize which creates added value in what we do.

Our clients consist of some of the industry's leading companies and we have undertaken a number of substantial projects for numerous media outlets overseeing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals over the last 10 years.