Acquisition International

  • Acquisition International is an international M&A firm focused on selling privately-held middle-market companies with transactional values ranging from $5 million to over $100 million.

    Headquartered in the Tokyo, our highly experienced deal makers have collectively closed over 500 transactions across a wide spectrum of industries.

    Acquisition International specialise in integration and separation programmes assisting clients through a host of major acquisitions over the last 10 years.

    We work closely with our clients in order to tailor our approach accordingly and meet their unique requirements.

    We are passionate about working with our clients throughout the entire merger and acquisition process, which is why we strive to build and maintain strong long term relationships with our clients.

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    Acquisition International helps companies achieve tangible and noteworthy results.

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    No two M&A agreements are ever identical, as you need to take into context the current economic climate, structure of the deal...

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    We at Acquisition International have gained a wealth of experience in dealing with complex M&A transactions over the last 10 years, across a wide range of sectors.